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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail

Keep on Jungle Rotting in the Free World!

Source // metalsucks.net

Looser than MC Hammer’s baggy ol’ pantaloons (remember them!), Jungle Rot’s groove-soaked 8th album sets about peeling the skin from your feet, your face and damn near every part of your body with their Hatebreed/Bolt-Thrower-esque Death Metal hybrid of ferocious Hardcore-esque monstrous riffs and elephantine grooves.

Providing few surprises and yet limitless thrills, opener “Doomsday” lets loose a Tom Araya scream à la “Angel Of Death” and then proceeds to batter the senses senseless with a stunningly simple blueprint that sets those over-used neck muscles into hyper-mode. The crunchier than a Cadbury’s Crunchie riffs come thick and fast and Max Cavalera’s cameo on “Fight Where You Stand” seems entirely fitting; Jungle Rot and Soulfly (particularly on recent releases) sharing a similar attitude when it comes to unleashing a mid-paced grind complete with old-school Thrash and Death Metal influences.

Forged by cavemen dragging their swollen knuckles over a gravel carpet, this sort of meat ‘n’ potatoes Death Metal can either leave a sour taste in the mouth or prove lip-smackingly good. We fall in the latter category and any fans of Six Feet Under’s similar style should have a blast while gorging on every last morsel of Order Shall Prevail and downing copious amounts of cheap, stomach-dissolving cider (or any other dubious intoxicating liquor of their choice).

Keep on Jungle Rotting in the Free World (apologies for the Carcass pun but it was just too irresistible) appears to be the mantra, Jungle Rot refusing to stray from their tried and tested formula and Order Shall Prevail is as reliably punishing as ever! 8/10

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