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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Chastain – We Bleed Metal

We bleed metal, they bleed metal.....WE ALL BLEED METAL!

Source // Leviathanrecords.com

Hold the fuckin’ E.T-shaped phone! This metal blast to the soft parts couldn’t be more 80’s even if it back-combed it’s ridiculously bouffant hair, smothered itself in Dee Snider-esque make-up and adopted shoulder pads wider than the wing span of an Airbus A380!

That being said, if you’re of the inclination that Chastain – led by shred extraordinaire David Chastain – are nothing more than an 80’s relic then We Bleed Metal is going to be the kind of wake up call that’ll split your head in two and shit on your misguided opinions. Chastain may have been spreading their speed/power metal seed since 1984 but there’s a viciousness and vicariousness here that should endear them to all fans of modern heavy metal. Hungry and fed on a diet of the classics – hell, they created some of them – We Bleed Metal is the purest sound of heavy fucking metal heard in an age.

The leather-lunged vocals of Leather Leone (firmly entrenched in the band after her welcome return in 2013) put many of her male contemporaries to shame; forceful, frenetic and delivered in a gritty manner that combines the mighty Doro Pesch with the much missed David Wayne (Metal Church), a purer ‘metal’ voice you’d be hard pressed to find. She remains a perfect fit for the neo-classical power metal Chastain perform, each and every track propelled at breack-neck speed by Leather Leone’s delivery and David Chastain’s endless array of techniques and riffs that provide sheer metal nirvana from first track to last.

Fans of Cacophony, the aforementioned Metal Church and even Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow should consider We Bleed Metal mandatory. Each track’s an anthem, each note struck with peerless precision and power and for want of a better analogy, We Bleed Metal is fuckin’ glorious!

80’s metal rules and Chastain are bastions of all that made the 80’s the finest decade in metal history. All hail the king! 9/10

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