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White Light Cemetery – Careful What You Wish For – Album Review

.....unless your wish is for quality sludge metal!

Source // White Light Cemetery

When it comes to producing sludgy, filth encrusted heavy metal they must be putting something in the water down in the state of Louisiana! Having formed in 2008 – and having released their debut album in 2013 – they’ve already racked up tour dates with renowned acts such as Goatwhore, Crowbar and Down.

This could mean one of two things:

1. They are very lucky and managed to catch a couple of great breaks, or

2. They are very fucking good and they deserve every chance they get. Having listened repeatedly to Be Careful What You Wish For we can assure you that White Light Cemetery are very fuckin’ good indeed.

Let’s make one thing clear from the outset, White Light Cemetery do not do happy. This whole album is a pained and downright ugly affair and, at times, it feels like the whole damn thing is going to crumple in on itself due to the sheer weight of never-ending bleakness and despair. But, the important thing is White Light Cemetery counteract this incalculable gloom with an ear for some beautiful melodies!

“Misery Loves Company” kicks the album off in fine style with a rumbling bass line that gives way to majestic, crusty riffs and it’s all topped off with the wounded animal roar of Shea Beardon, who at times has subtle hints of the mighty John Garcia about him and would be right at home fronting some 70’s rock behemoth. From then on in, the quality of the songs and the bands performance barely dips and the likes of “Better Days” and “Bullet To Erase” all have enough hooks to stick in your head for days afterwards. Serious repeat listen is frankly mandatory!

White Light Cemetery may not be as heavy or as abrasive as some of their Louisiana brethren but then, they don’t need to be. They clearly know how to bang out a mean riff and have a knack for writing memorable tunes. If they can keep up this quality then there is no reason why the band should not be making the considerable step up from revered support to headliner status….on this evidence they are already well on their way. 8/10

Whitel Light Cemetary

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