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Weedpecker – III – Album Review

A HUGE sonic tapestry of sinuous, almost ambient, stoner rock riffing!

The quality of the music heading our way lately is simply astonishing, with album after album blowing us away, regardless of genre! Next up is the outstandingly beautiful III, from Poland’s Weedpecker and it sees theses progressive psych-rockers branching out even further in search of perfection.

Weaving a HUGE sonic tapestry of sinuous, almost ambient riffing, III is awash with swirling psychedelia but flights of meaningless fancy are always subdued in favour of an almost contradictory, focused whimsy. These songs breathe, they’re alive and with an expert sense of pacing and the wistful, soulful vocals of both Bartek and Wyro, the experience is nothing but stunning.

While there’s an Innerspeaker-era Tame Impala vibe going on, when Weedpecker’s stoner riffs hit, they hit harder than Australia’s favourite sons; revelling in a stoner rock fugg that’ll appease fans of ‘heavier’ material. In fact, Elder (whose Reflections of a Floating World album was a highlight of 2017) make a natural companion, with Weedpecker delivering a similar grandeur and otherworldly air.

Like breathing liquid air, III is an almost dreamlike experience but one backed by tumultuous, churning, fuzzy walls of riffs. Make no mistake though, III is not an album you dip your toe into. It’s best experienced as a whole, a whole where you can fully immerse yourself into its intoxicating expanse.

When you crave riffs but don’t desire to be bludgeoned with them, Weedpecker’s III is the album to turn to. Absolutely, monumentally, mind-warpingly fantastic! 9/10


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