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Stonus – Séance’ – EP Review

Less than a year after this Cypriot stoner crew blessed us with their debut album, Aphasia, Stonus return with Séance, a fully analogue 18:24 minute EP recorded live at Hot Soap Studios in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Stonus are masters at unlocking the past with their fuzzy noise and, clattering intro to opener “Evil Woman” aside (not a Sabbath cover!), there is a true analogue warmth to these three tracks that’s both nostalgic and rewarding in equal measure. These guys are simply great at what they do and while they can be raw and heavy one minute, they can lose themselves in a psychedelic trance the next. Most importantly, each track has a hook or chorus which imbeds itself into your dried-out brain in an instant, revitalising parts other stoner bands simply cannot reach.

“Evil Woman” is the ass-kicker, “Messianism” is the evocative, contemplative, Kyuss-invoking centrepiece and “El Rata” brings it on home with the purist dose of cathartic stoner noise imaginable. Barely is a foot put wrong.

Séance is a very strong follow-up to 2020’s Aphasia and acts as further indication that Stonus are a band with a bright, bright future ahead of them! 9/10

1. Evil Woman
2. Messianism
3. El Rata

Release date: 26th March 2021

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