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Hazy Sea – Cargo Incognito – Album Review

70's prog rock masquerading as stoner rock!

Warning, an over-use of sea-faring metaphors awaits ye! But fear not landlubbers, just because there’s a great big boat adorning the artwork doesn’t mean we’re in pirate metal territory. Far from it, in fact! Instead, these Greek instrumentalists navigate stoner rock’s choppier waters….but with a 70’s prog twist!

After setting sail (told you!) with the up-beat, high-speed Southern twang of “Heart On Fire” it’s not long before calmer oceans are navigated and Hazy Sea‘s prog intentions wash over you; culminating in a swathe of beautiful, calming excursions into the most mesmerising guitar playing imaginable.

To call Cargo Incognito background music sounds derogatory but these laid-back paeans to 70’s guitar gods such as Clapton and Gilmour are the perfect accompaniment to whatever you may be doing – we were stripping wallpaper at the time and it made the whole experience infinitely more enjoyable!

Restrained, mellow and technically brilliant throughout, these 7 tracks seep into your consciousness by the sheer warming nature of their sound and with more than a little Pink Floyd (and particularly David Gilmour’s solo work) informing the core of their music, Hazy Sea are awash with nostalgia, harking back to the days of mind-altering experimentation and honest-to-goodness musicianship.

At heart, Cargo Incognito is an album for anyone in thrall to the power of pure poetry set to beautiful, beautiful music. Our only gripe? At under 30 mins it’s too damn short! 8/10

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