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The Watchers – Sabbath Highway – Single Review

Source // The Watchers

2016 really is turning out to be a bumper year for heavy music! We’ve already had an abundance of great music from legendary names – here’s looking at you Anthrax – and new groups looking to take rock/music into a new golden age.

To this list we can now add San Francisco’s The Watchers, a supergroup of sorts featuring members of Orchid, Spiralarms, White Witch Canyon and The Venting Machine and anyone with a passing knowledge of the underground doom or retro rock scene will be able to appreciate the talent on show here.

Taken from their latest EP Sabbath Highway, released on November 4th, The Watchers have released the title track to satiate our appetites and what a tasty wee morsel it is too! Launching straight into a catchy-as-hell riff, the band quickly lock into their groove and don’t let up for the duration of the song. The nice, crisp, analogue sound perfectly suits the music and the impassioned howl of vocalist Tim Narducci is the icing on a particularly delicious cake.

“Sabbath Highway” would be the perfect soundtrack for a roadtrip down the dusty highways and byways of America and could, if there’s any justice in the world, find itself at home on rock radio stations around the globe. This is what happens when great musicianship, melody and a fuck-tonne of attitude combine to glorious effect! 8/10

The Watchers Sabbath Highway

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