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Asteroid – III – Album Review

5 seconds till it hits us. 3 seconds to ground. 1 second to.....ASTEROID!!!

Source // Asteroid

Out tomorrow, the long awaited third album – cunningly titled III – from Swedish fuzz-lords Asteroid has been a long time coming (6 years in fact) but thoroughly lives up to the hype surrounding it!

Elements of The Groundhogs, Crushed Butler and the more experimental moments of The Beatles lie at the core of these rousing retro renegades of psych rock! That being said, Asteroid also draw comparison with their fellow 70’s worshipping countrymen Graveyard and Witchcraft. Also notable, predominantly on the simply beautiful folk-rock of “Silver & Gold”, is the influence of kindred spirits Opeth….the two bands sharing a love for the more obscure psychedelic prog of rock’s greatest ever decade.

“Last Days” – a nod to Pentagram perhaps? – shudders with authenticity and recalls the heavier moments of The Beatles (yes, The Beatles could be ‘heavy’), with a rising riff recalling the proto-doom found on “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”. As nostalgic as that sounds it’s to Asteroid’s credit that III never feels like a mere re-tread of the glories of rock ‘n’ roll’s past. Instead, this warm and fuzzy analogue-dream is thrillingly understated, controlled but never boring and gushing with authenticity.

These 7 perfectly formed tracks transport you directly back to the 70’s and are utterly captivating, mood enhancing and flawlessly delivered. So far, 2016 has proven to be a stellar year for new music and this album, although arriving late to the party, has just forced its way into our best of the year list.

We’ve been taught to fear the impending arrival of an earth-shattering asteroid….well, no threat here; III is a most welcome visitor! 9/10

Asteroid III

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