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War Curse – Final Days – Album Review

Your ear drum's days are numbered!

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Every now and again a debut release comes along from a new, underground, band that finds the group and their ideas fully formed from the get-go; Cincinnati mob War Curse are such a band and we don’t mind saying that their debut is a right old humdinger!

Final Days is made up of six reasonably lenghty compositions that never seem to overstay their welcome and sees the band mixing straight up modern sounding metal with a healthy dose of thrashing nastiness whenever it’s called for, à la mid period Megadeth and Anthrax.

Considering the band have been around for just three years – and this is only their first release – the chemistry shown by all 5 members is first class. Guitarists Justin Roth and Joshua Murphy are quite the six string tag team, firing off stonking riffs and fiery solos at will, while vocalist Tarek Puska has a brash confident style that manages to retain a healthy dose of melody.

“Blue Line of Injustice”, “Severed Crosses” and “Drudge” finds the band at their bone crushing best and it’s undeniably evident that War Curse’s career is off to a cracking start. With the right breaks, this fine release will hopefully take the band to the next level….where they belong.

If you’re a fan of neck-snapping riffs – and let’s face it who isn’t – then Final Days is undoubtedly the album for you. It looks like 2016 is going to be one hell of a year for thrash! 8/10

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  1. Thanks for the love Gavin. We’re already hard at work writing the follow up release. Stay tuned.

  2. War Curse are a phenomenal band! Love seeing them play live! Cannot wait to get a copy of Final Days \m/

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