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Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence – Single Review

Trivium return!

Trivium are back and they’ve armed themselves with a monster anthem in the formidable shape of “The Sin And The Sentence”.

Long time fans will probably be stoked to hear that the aggression is back, although tempered by the mainstream sounds found on 2015’s Silence In The Snow. It’s a thrilling combination as Matt Heafy’s clean vocals (which have reached new heights) joust with the screams and growls of old! It’s great to hear the man screaming his head off again and the clinical riffing and full-throated roars originally found on Ascendancy and Shogun – along with Shogun‘s propensity for epic songs if this 6min+ beast is anything to go by – suggest that something suitably monstrous is on the horizon.

New drummer Alex Bent (yep, another drummer!) equips himself incredibly well, bringing back the blast-beats and going suitably ape-shit throughout. He’s a damn good fit….keep hold of him Trivium, for fucks sake!

Incidentally, for those who bemoan the more traditional riffing and song structures favoured over the last few years, the final minute and a half of “The Sin And The Sentence” finds Trivium at their absolute heaviest; a ferocious blast of thrash riffs and screams, you’d have to go back to the birth of Trivium to find anything heavier.

Trivium have always been underrated, they write consistently impressive albums that offer variety and extreme metal ferocity laced with mainstream accessibility and “The Sin And The Sentence” is no exception. It’s time to buy into them wholesale as they have proved time and time again that they are the headliners we’ve been waiting for! With a back catalogue as strong as theirs and new material of this quality under their belts, Trivum’s title as heavyweight contenders should now be set in stone! 8/10

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