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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Leider – Alloys

One of 2017's defining metal releases!

Latin America is generally viewed as a hub for heavy metal. However, there are a number of thriving local metal scenes throughout the region that remain barely acknowledged and this is also true for Mexico. It’s sad to say that with many of Mexican bands singing in Spanish, and without the abundance of money to be thrown at music production, not many go on to achieve much success outside of their own borders.

Leider, on the other hand, they’re something else, a different breed of Mexican heavy metal and this independent band is determined to break out of their local scene with their new album, Alloys.

Right from the beginning of the opening track “We Are Masters”, you know that is exactly what they’re going to become. The song starts off with the sounding of a warlike horn – Leider’s proclamation that they have arrived – and they mean serious business. Before long you’re thrown head first into what is one of the best new metal albums of 2017!

Guitarists Sergio Trejo and Jhovany Lara constantly and expertly craft magnificent riffs throughout the albums entire length and are complimented equally by drummer Japo Lopomontiel and bassist Julio Romo. The latter of which has devised a number of enticing bass lines and sprinkled them throughout the album. Then, seemingly out of nowhere on third track “Phoenix”, vocalist Diego Trejo pulls off what is possibly the greatest Bruce Dickinson impression. Ever. Seriously, if Iron Maiden ever need a fill in, then they need look no further, because Diego is their man!

Every year there are a few defining metal releases – the kind of releases we need to keep the genre alive and well – and Alloys is one of these albums. It has all the elements of classic heavy metal but sounds fresh enough that you’ll not get bored with it; Leider’s polished and professional style of heavy metal and accessible use of the English language sure to earn them legions of new fans around the world.

Alloys is a superb example of exactly what this promising Mexican band has to offer….and that’s a hell of a lot! 8/10

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