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Elixir – Voyage of the Eagle – Album Review

NWOBHM band sets sail in search of past glories!

Many of the bands that are known and loved in the rock and heavy metal universe wouldn’t be here without the advent of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Those were glorious days when this new breed of long-haired musicians seemed to pop up from virtually every town and city in the UK, filling the pubs and clubs with a sea of denim and leather scented with patchouli oil. The fact that so many of these bands are still around or have reformed, proves the dedication and hunger for this much loved genre. Not all were as successful as IRON MAIDEN or SAXON, but they still put their hearts and souls into their music and London’s ELIXIR are one such band.

Formed back in 1983, they are mostly known for their amazing debut album, The Son Of Odin, and for having former IRON MAIDEN drummer Clive Burr in their line-up. With their last album released in 2010, all had been rather quiet but fast forward to 2020 and we find Elixir – including four of the original line-up that created The Son Of Odin – with a new opus in tow….. and they’re taking us back in time to the glory days of heavy metal!

You know what to expect, right? Traditional NWOBHM, featuring well-written songs full of power and passion, all of which deliver a nostalgic trip back to the good old days. But is that enough for a band in 2020? Why should someone choose to support a band like Elixir and not a newcomer to the scene? After all, a relative lack of stability and overall presence over the last decade is a drawback for any band; particularly one who are as potentially ‘niche’ as Elixir. That being said, Voyage of the Eagle is home to an abundance of old-school riches, with the likes of “Drink To The Devil”, “Onward Through the Storm” and “Evermore” proving particularly enticing in their own trad metal way.

Overall, this is time-honoured metal from veterans who understand exactly what is expected of them and how to deliver it. It’s down to you as to whether you look to the future for your music….or return to the sanctity of our returning heroes.  7/10

Voyage Of The Eagle
Dissonance Productions
6th March 2020

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