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Stereo Nasty – Nasty By Nature – Album Review

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County Kildare is well known as the home of Horse Racing in Ireland and if there’s any justice in the world it will also become known as the home of Stereo Nasty. The band formed in 2013 and play catchy, traditional Heavy Metal. So far they have released one 3 track demo and now their debut album Nasty By Nature arrives with more than a whiff of something special about it!

The problem for bands playing classic 80’s style Metal is that it has all been done before and some of these ‘retro’ type bands ending up sounding devoid of original ideas and exactly like their main inspiration. Yes, we’re looking at you White Wizzard and your blatant plagiarism of Iron Maiden! Stereo Nasty cannily work around this pitfall by building their sound from a myriad of influences with traces of Balls To The Wall era Accept in their mid-paced crunchy riffing and also a wee bit Motley Crue – at their heaviest of course – in there as well. Their ‘ace up the sleeve’ though is vocalist Mick Mahon who, with a hint of Blackie Lawless in his voice, has the perfect pipes for this type of music.

Nasty By Nature consists of 10 extremely well crafted songs all of which are concise, to the point and don’t outstay their welcome. To be honest, all the songs are of such high quality it’s very hard to pick out any tracks for praise but check out “Black Widow“, “The Fear” or “The Warriors” for some melodic old-school Metal excellence. Hell, pick any track and you won’t be disappointed.

Horns up to Stereo Nasty for this is a cracking album that deserves to be cranked out at maximum volume wherever and whenever possible. Great job lads! 10/10

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