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Have Ghost Stumbled Across The Future Of Gig Ticket/Album Sales?

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With album ‘sales’ at an all time low, bands can be forgiven for trying to make money from their craft (god forbid!) in increasingly more imaginative ways.

Enter Occult-Rock superstars Ghost and their pretty logical but quite clever new promo that could/should see ticket sales to their forthcoming gigs soar and ensure fans are kept happy in an era that expects something from nothing.

So what crazy scheme have Ghost concocted to entice you to spend your hard earned cash on a gig ticket? Brace yourselves…..

….buy a ticket to their show and get a download code for new album Meliora. Simple.

The result? Ticket sales increase, merchandise sales then increase and physical sales increase as those who like what they hear – and still prefer their music to be tangible – will seek out a CD/Vinyl copy as a result. The whole package wrapped up in a neat bundle then and a promo that should hopefully increase their revenue stream and ensure Ghost remain in a position to keep making music, which is surely the point.

Hardly revolutionary but a win/win situation for band and fans. With a high profile band such as Ghost adopting this approach how soon before the Metal worlds other top acts introduce a similar offer?

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