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Saxon – The Solid Book Of Rock – Boxset Review

The complete latter-day Saxon package!

Dogs Of War (1995)

Track Listing: Dogs Of War / Burning Wheels / Don’t Worry / Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home) / Hold On / The Great White Buffalo / Demolition Alley / Walking Through Tokyo / Give It All Away
Yesterday’s Gone

Bonus Tracks: The Great White Buffalo [live] / Denim And Leather [live]

The last Saxon album with Graham Oliver on guitar, Dogs Of War managed to up the ante yet again; ably building on the goodwill garnered by Solid Ball Of Rock and Forever Free by unleashing another collection of hard-hitting metal anthems.

A 3 year wait may have frustrated fans but Dogs Of War was well worth being patient for. Biting down hard, Saxon really had the bit between their teeth and Biff’s vocal melodies, on the title track in particular, remain as infectious as a case of the rabies! There’s notably no sign of cringe-inducing ballads designed for the masses, just track after track of solid bursts of hard rock/heavy metal.

Trampling over all in their path like the great white buffalo they sing about, Saxon’s upward trajectory was maintained with relative ease. 8/10

It’s live tracks on the bonus front again but then who doesn’t want to hear “Denim And Leather” for the umpteenth time, right?!

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4 Comments on Saxon – The Solid Book Of Rock – Boxset Review

  1. Ordered mine, and can’t wait for it to arrive. The only disc I already have from the boxset is Inner Sanctum. That album goes to show how great heavy metal music can be overlooked.

    • Chris Jennings // August 22, 2017 at 4:02 pm // Reply

      You won’t regret it Glen, it’s an outstanding set. Saxon have been ridiculously consistent over the years and this boxset proves how some of the finest metal of the past 2 decades has been overlooked!

  2. Jimmy A Gates // August 23, 2017 at 7:24 am // Reply

    Fully agree with this review. An outstanding set from a very very consistent band. ESSENTIAL

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