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Rammstein – In Amerika – DVD Review

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In Amerika, the new live concert/documentary set from pyromaniac overlords Rammstein, comes in a two DVD set featuring a complete show – a spectacle as always – and two documentaries; enough Rammstein to set fire to a small country then!

Considering they are an arena-filling, festival-headlining act the six members of Rammstein like to keep their private lives exactly that and the two documentaries on the second disc provide a rare glimpse behind the scenes of this most enigmatic of bands. Scott Ian puts in his obligatory appearance along with others in the main In Amerika documentary – christ alive, the Anthrax man seems to appear in every rock/metal documentary out there – and for major fans of Rammstein, Disc 2 will be akin to finding the holy grail while casual fans (if there is such a breed) can get their kicks from the incendiary live show housed on Disc 1.

It’s very easy to run out of superlatives when describing Rammstein in the live environment but fucking immense and retina scorching will do the job nicely when it comes to the 2010 Madison Square Garden gig captured featured here! The show has enough fire and explosion to level large parts of New York City and it’s safe to say that you’ll not attend another gig in which the vocalist rides a giant knob cannon – for the want of a better term – and sprays ‘foam’ over his adoring legions. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from these taboo tickling Germans who’ve made a career out of taking performance art, pyrotechnics, S&M and Heavy fuckin’ Metal to the masses. All the theatrical tricks in the world though would not be able to cover up a lack of quality songs and fortunately Rammstein are no slouches in this department either, as the career spanning setlist amply proves. From the monumental stomp of “Links 2 3 4” to ‘that’ riff from “Sonne” with a stop off at “Keine Lust” along the way, each and every track is a monster and the live environment only amplifies the crushing mechanical riffs this unique and iconic band deliver in spades.

KISS lay claim to being the hottest band in the world but bollocks to that! In Amerika would suggest Gene Simmons and co. are not even fit to lace up these teutonic firebrands lederhosen.

This is yet another stunning release from Rammstein that should easily satisfy fans eagerly awaiting a new studio album. Just don’t keep us waiting too long eh lads! 10/10

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