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Opeth Double Album Imminent

Source // www.seempieces.com

Music For Nations are set to reissue both Deliverance (2002) and Damnation (2003) as a four disc Bookset and Triple LP on Oct 30th.

Recorded at the same time but released a year apart, this release will mark the first time these classic Opeth albums are presented as a complete piece. With contrasting styles, the two albums originally provided a riveting showcase for Opeth’s disparate influences; from the sublimely heavy progressive death metal of Deliverance to Damnation’s experimental prog rock sound that has become their full time concern in 2015.

Music For Nations will be releasing the double album in two beautifully reissued formats that include new stereo and 5.1 mixes with artwork redesigned by original designer Travis Smith and liner notes by Mikael Akerfeldt and Jerry Ewing of Prog in a lavish four disc book-set. 

Opeth fans – and fans of prog rock/metal in general – have waited 15 years for this release to emerge and the subtle intricacies and crushing heaviness of both albums can now be enjoyed as originally envisioned!

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