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Pray U Prey – Black Light Of Time – EP Review

Pray for more!!

Source // Pray U Prey

Black Light Of Time is the debut release from the UK’s Pray U Prey, a snappy 10 minutes of old-school honouring death metal that sounds as though it’s been directly shipped in from the early 90’s. Make no mistake, this is rib-cage rattling stuff and the kind of grimy, mean-spirited clatter that fulfils that longing for a return to the good old days of dirty ass death fuckin’ metal.

The boys in Napalm Death are the most obvious touchstone. The abrasive aggression – and perfect death/grind combo – of Napalm’s Harmony Corruption casting a lingering shadow over the distorted crunchy tone that grimaces through the fog of sheer nihilism displayed here.

Pray U Prey certainly ain’t nothin’ nice. This is primal, punishing and pulverising stuff from a band who blatantly know their sh*t. Over in a flash, you’ll find yourself hitting repeat with a masochistic fervour, ready for another bruising round.

The UK have always delivered when it comes to this level of crusty grind, the kind of death metal that stinks to high heaven and erupts into a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it heaving, bone-scraping mass of sonic depravity; bestial, belligerent and downright brutal. It’s also bloody brilliant….if you can stomach this sort of thing!

Full album on its way? We pray there is! 8/10

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