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Pete Helmkamp Unveils Abhomine Solo Project

Source // 2.bp.blogspot.com

Abhomine, the latest creation from underground black/death metal legend Pete Helmkamp (Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos, Revenge, Terror Organ, et al), will release Larvae Offal Swine on March 18th 2016 in North America and a European release will follow on March 25th 2016. 

Helmkamp’s first true solo-project, Abhomine is a heaving, grinding mass of gnarliness and abject sonic cruelty and just the kind of aural depravity you’d expect from the man behind unsung death metal classics such as Order From Chaos’ Stillbirth Machine and Angelcorpse’s Exterminate!

With Abhomine, Helmkamp handles all guitars and bass and his unmistakable vocals are at the forefront of this mental wreckage. Not one to be locked in to a studio, Helmkamp states that Abhomine will commence with live assaults in December of 2015.

The tracklisting for Larvae Offal Swine is as follows:

1. Buried with Pig
2. Kapos and Whores
3. Crown of Flies
4. Blackmaguswhitehouse
5. Narcocult
6. Reptile Annunciation
7. Nest of Disgust

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