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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – [Evertrapped] – Under The Deep

By-the-numbers Melodeath that actually adds up to something special!

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We’ll dive straight in at the deep end! Melodeath is a sub-genre long since perfected and swamped with identikit bands desperately trying to harness the magic conjured by scene luminaries In Flames, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility and the all-conquering At The Gates. So, in 2015, what chance do Canadian Melodeath dealers [Evertrapped] have?

As indicated by our Album Of The Week accolade, apparently quite a good one!

Pushing Melodic Death Metal to the brink of acceptability as far as ‘melody’ is concerned, [Evertrapped] have delivered that rare breed; a consistently great metal album. Simply put, Under The Deep delivers on every level and is a consummate modern Melodeath release. While this may prove that [Evertrapped] are as much ‘trapped’ within the confines of their own chosen genre’s limitations as they are in their canny use of brackets to symbolise their feeling of imprisonment, this matters not a jot! After all, good Melodeath is good Melodeath and Under The Deep is damn fine indeed.

Those familiar with Soilwork’s 1997 demo will hear snippets of that pioneering release in the way [Evertrapped] nestle fiendish grooves next to their At The Gates and The Haunted styled thrash-influenced battery. Lamb Of God also prove reliable touchstones with vocalist James Brooke’s hellishly versatile vocal chords often reflecting the acidic shriek that often resonates from Randy Blythe’s throat.

Under The Deep is a full throttle melodic death metal release that endlessly descends into new layers of carnage as the album progresses. The immediate attack of Arise From The Ashes‘s classic melodeath riffing proving as equally ferocious as the tail-end whipping of “Reaper”; [Evertrapped] expertly bulldozing their way through each track in the way In Flames used to….and probably still should! 8/10

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