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Party Cannon – Volumes Of Vomit – Album Review

It's party time!

If you’re not overly familiar with Party Cannon‘s past work, you’ll at least have seen their jaunty, colourful, Toys ‘R’ Us style logo jumping out at you among the piles of twigs band logos on many a death metal festival flyer. Highly amusing and indicative of a band who don’t take their particular brand of music too seriously….or do they?

It’s been 7 years since their last album, Bong Hit Hospitalisation. Since then, they’ve released a couple of EPs and been extensive touring machines, COVID gig drought notwithstanding. They’ve kicked off 2022 with Volumes Of Vomit and, Lordy Lordy, have they done it in style. The album opens up with “Tactical Chunder” (who hasn’t needed one of these once in a while?) and immediately rips your face off. It’s simply mile after mile of unrelenting guitar chugging, vocals that range from screeching to snorting/snuffling and drumming that makes you wonder if Count Blastula (how can you not love that name?) has any limbs left. This continues for the entirety of the album. It’s basically carnage from start to finish as Party Cannon make you chug a gallon of beer, stomp on your head and bury you in a shallow grave. This is a glorious album in its simplicity. Its sole aim is to beat you to a pulp and make you enjoy every second of it.

Song titles like the aforementioned “Tactical Chunder”, “Naked Beach Frenzy” and “60 Stone Threesome” suggest a band that are simply taking the piss. However, upon spinning Volumes Of Vomit, it quickly becomes apparent that here is a band at the top of their game, that game being Slamming Brutal Death Fuckin’ Metal.

Whether it’s your ‘bag’ or not, it’s virtually impossible not to nod your head to this and, in the live environment, it’s obvious that these songs will be opening pits and causing bodily harm with an alarming ferocity.

As an added bonus, Volumes Of Vomit offers the opportunity to play ‘Guess The Soundbite’, as Party Cannon have bookended pretty much every track with an amusing or famous skit from the wild and wacky world we live in. Guest appearances from Don Campan (Waking The Cadaver), Ross Sewage (Exhumed) and Andrew LoMastro (Cerebral Incubation) also lend weight to the fact that, despite their silliness, Party Cannon have become a force to be reckoned with among their peers.

So, standout tracks? Hard to say really as the whole album is a massive wall of pulverising noise but if we had to pick one, we’d go for” I Believe In Dani Filth”, purely for the video alone which is utterly inspired and truly fantastic.

It has been said that there is a fine line between genius and madness and we’re not sure which side of the line Party Cannon are on. To be honest, they’re straddling that line and it sounds like they’re having a fucking GREAT time doing it! 8.5/10

Party Cannon‘s Volumes Of Vomit was released on January 14th, 2022 via Gore House Productions

Volumes of Vomit | Party Cannon | Gore House Productions

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