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Ouija – Selenophile Impia – EP Review

It’s been a long ol’ time since Spanish black metallers Ouija last graced us with a release (8 years in fact) and despite these veterans having been on the scene since 1995, they’re hardly prolific. Which is fine. Anticipation is a good thing and Ouija’s return with new three track EP Selenophile Impia is most welcome and, most importantly, it’s fuckin’ great!

Self-titled opener “Selenophile Impia” blasts out of the gates of hell with fire and brimstone fervour, incorporating the icy savagery expected of the genre with moments of unnerving Dissection-esque ‘subtlety’. Moving through a wealth of ideas, tempos and vocal styles it’s clear that Ouija have been doing this shit for a long, long time….such is the convincing nature of the track.

The snarling, growling bite of “Kerberos…Like Hell Dogs” is then an instant winner; a feral and ferocious eruption of blackened fury which throws in a few moments of blackened thrash speed for good measure. Woof! 

That just leaves 7 minute closer, “Therianthropic Involution”, to finish us off in suitably savage fashion. Tremelo riffs abound as Ouija increase the pace, up the anguished howls and knock us for six (well, seven) with more old-school melodic black metal zeal and ardour.    

Overall, Selenophile Impia is a damn fine EP. Let’s have a new album within the next 5 years, eh lads! 7/10

Ouija’s Selenophile Impia was independently released on 27th April, 2021

<br />Ouija - Selenophile Impia
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