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Blackdeath – Also Sprach Das Chaos – Album Review (In Case You Missed It In 2021)

Blackdeath’s most recent album, Also Sprach Das Chaos, is a journey into a singular and twisted vision of black metal madness with an infusion of industrial and avant-garde blood. This is the St. Petersburg, Russa-based band’s sixth release and, in-keeping with their varied melodic and brutal sound, Blackdeath have unleashed one of their best and most complex releases to date.

Even though Also Sprach Das Chaos is comprised of just two long tracks, the album is complex and positively dizzying at times. The first song “Paralysiertes Äquinoktium” commences with all guns blazing with the fury of Marduk and then careens into dissonant and strange territories throughout its 14 minutes. Song two “I’m Labyrinth” starts off with a slower and menacing vibe that’s reminiscent of later Mayhem with it’s twisted melodies and also travels into strange and twisted sonic dimensions.

Also of note is singer/bassist Colonel Para Bellum’s vocal performance. His screeches and roars are as feral and unbalanced as singers such as Maniac from Mayhem and Kvost from Dodheimsgard.

In the over-saturated black metal world, Blackdeath is a refreshingly twisted take on the genre. The only minor criticism is that Also Sprach Das Chaos will leave you craving more of Blackdeath’s searing excellence but, in spite of its short runtime, Also Sprach Das Chaos was one of the finest extreme metal albums of 2021. 9/10

Blackdeath‘s Also Sprach Das Chaos was released on October 8th, 2021 via End All Life Productions

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