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Nobody – Gospel Of The Goat – EP Review

Influences: Satan.

Finnish one-man acoustic black metal band Nobody (aka Tuomas Kauppinen) is putting his own twist on black metal and in the most surprisingly subdued manner conceivable.

Imagine the acoustic moments found on Opeth’s Still Life, Blackwater Park and Deliverance and replace Mikael Akerfeldt’s warm tones with a black metal rasp and you’d be in the vicinity of Nobody. Beautiful music offset by hushed yet rasping vocals, Gospel Of The Goat is not your normal black metal release and while the limitations of an acoustic album means that variation is not at a great commodity, it’s still worth noting how throughly absorbing these songs actually are.

Tuomas Kauppinen comments:

“In the Arms of North is an invocation of the ancient pagan gods from Finland’s pre-christian era. Those entities have not forsaken us, and they can be summoned at will with proper Magick. This piece is a homage to bonfires, blood ritual and the djinns that science has forced us to renounce.”

Distinctly the work of one man, this honest, open and surprisingly visceral excursion into pagan beliefs is an experience best observed in the shadows, candles lit, and mind fully open to its subtle incantations. 7/10

01.  In the Arms of North
02. Desecrating the Priest’s Daughter
03. Ritual of Flesh
04. The Feathered Serpent
05. The Temple

Nobody – Gospel of the Goat
Released on: January 17th 2020
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Acoustic Black Metal
Country: Finland

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