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Unleashed From The Vaults – The Workhorse Movement – Sons Of The Pioneers

Gimme Some Skin.....

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Making an immediate splash in the UK on release, The Workhorse Movement’s one and only album was a scintillating mash-up of funk, rap, metal (don’t be scared, these boys pissed all over Limp Bizkit and their knuckle dragging ilk) and a shit-ton of groove-drenched riffs; a combination that resulted in Sons Of The Pioneers standing out as a unique moment in metal history!

With an innate ability to pen some of the catchiest rap-metal workouts in existence, the likes of the waka-chika doused “Livin’ Evil”, “Zero” and the unfathomably huge chorus of “Keep The Sabbath Dream Alive” (now there’s a mantra to live your life by!) solidifies the unique nature of these jive talking turkey’s and their funky 70’s disco meets rap metal hybrid.

As debuts go, Sons Of The Pioneers was pretty damn electric and us Brits certainly saw The Workhorse Movement’s huge potential. Alas, the band splintered at the tail end of 2000 with 3/5ths of the ‘movement’ moving on and forming the equally impressive Dirty Americans.

Don’t be put off by The Workhorse Movement’s rap-metal / nu-metal tag….this one-of-a-kind eclectic mix of Monster Magnet groove and Faith No More eccentricity is a supreme dose of fun, fun, fun!

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