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Enter the Experimental World of the BOGWYCH!

FFO: Drone Doom, Doom Metal, Dark Ambient, Blackgaze....

BOGWYCH is the experimental side project of Sheffield based musician Craig Paul (Holy Spider Promotions, Archelon, Ex-Ba’al).

The idea is simple; to break down heavy music to its fundamental attributes to create a visceral and otherworldly experience. The Bogwych as a concept is the human manifestation of nature. The natural world is both beautiful and ugly, as is she. As well as thriving in her cyclical bond with the planet, also suffering at the hands of humanity. The end product is a wave of feedback and atmospheric noise that echos the voice of the natural world. A deity dying in pain, screaming for the return and acknowledgement of its greatest creation, the human species. We are all to blame, and on the wind is all that is left. Only roots remain.

Bogwych’s debut release, On The Wind Is All That Is Left. Only Roots Remain, will be released on Digital Download and Limited Edition Cassette – limited to 20 copies – on 31st January 2020 via Trepanation Recordings.

Pre-order On The Wind Is All That Is Left. Only Roots Remain here:


Album Credits

Written and Performed by BOGWYCH
Recorded and Mixed independently by TJ Fairfax.
Mastered by Dan Dolby

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