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Slovakian Black Metallers MALOKARPATAN Answer Worship Metal’s 10 Questions Of Biblical Proportions!

With their brand new album Krupinské Ohne out in the world, Slovakian black metallers MALOKARPATAN were kind enough to take on Worship Metal’s 10 Questions of Biblical Proportions…..

How would you describe your music?

“A remote village in Carpathian mountains, where locals at the wooden tavern speak with a frightened tone about malefic forces roaming the nearby woodlands.”

Which album would you buy someone in order to introduce them metal?

Don’t Break the Oath by Mercyful Fate. Might be rather difficult at first, but all the more rewarding if one is persistent enough!”

What is the worst metal cliche?

“Drummers who play strictly just blastbeats and hyperactive double bass, triggered of course. Most spastic and soulless thing ever.”

You’re DJing a metal party, what’s the first song you play?

“Early Black Sabbath, because everything cool came from there – it’s rocking and eerily haunting at the same time.”

What’s the perfect band / album to listen to when you’re drunk?

“Piledriver’s Metal Inquisition is so infectious my dog (R.I.P.) used to jump-dance to it with us at parties when I was a bit younger and more resistant to hangovers.”

Which album or band got you into heavy metal?

“Difficult to remember as I was extremely young and it was my older brother who got me into metal. Probably either AC/DC or Metallica.”

Denim or leather (after all, it bought us all together)?

“Denim for the blue collar down-to-earth element, but fatal women are often fatal in leather…”

What’s the first metal T-shirt you bought?

“Napalm Death – Scum, bought by my mother of all people when I was 9. First one I bought myself was probably an Immortal shirt, Battles in the North era – the one with the blue demon face.”

Vinyl, cd or tape?

“Tape as I am a child of the 90s, and specifically East European 90s. But vinyl of course objectively triumphs.”

Check out MALOKARPATAN’s latest opus Krupinské Ohne and order it in Vinyl, CD or tape format here

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