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Husk – Fangs – EP Review

A cacophony of primal black metal!

A primal roar of black metal filth from the underground, the dissonant, aural battery of Husk‘s debut EP is enough to have you reaching for the corpse paint and wishing it was 1992 all over again!

A project that embodies the recurring nightmares of those who pledge their lives to the sanctity of the dark, Husk is entirely the work of Summoner, a one man wrecking-ball who conceived Husk in mid 2017 in order to perform the rawest black metal possible.

He succeeded. Dialling back on the atmospherics and concentrating on diabolical devastation, the lo-fi cacophony of the 3 tracks found on Fangs ably deliver an authentic experience. Cold, bleak and as heavy as fuvk, elements of OSDM occasionally creep in but this is an effective blast of black metal at heart.

With a more straightforward black metal approach – think spiritual founders Darkthrone, Hellhammer and Bathory as opposed to the bombast of Emperor etc – the songwriting abilities of Summoner are semi-masked by an almost crude, visceral power but there is talent here….a dreary, oppressive black metal talent that’s just at the start of its journey into nihilistic hell! 7/10

Have a listen for yourself over at bandcamp

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