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The New Roses – One More For The Road – Album Review

Who's getting 'em in?

Every now and again a band comes along, you take one look at the name and being the judgemental bugger that you are, you think “this isn’t going to be my cup of tea at all!”

But, you stick the album on anyway and it turns out to be the aural equivalent of being repeatedly slapped around the chops with a great big bloody Haddock, as track after track of ass kicking hard rock washes over you with a tidal wave of 80’s riffs!

With One More For The Road, this gaggle of young scallywags have released a joyous collection of early 80’s style hard rock without actually being in thrall to any one band. Instead, what we get is a generous dose of the Scorpions here, a wee splash of early Def Leppard there, a dollop of UFO and even a wee hint of the likes of Saxon. The result? A feast of authentic rocky goodness.

Right from the start, The New Roses show that they aren’t in the mood for fucking around as the crisp riff of “Quarter To Twelve” kicks in and once these vibrant melodies sink their hooks into your head, you’ll be humming this tune for weeks (nay, months) to come.

The great thing about One More For The Road is that it’s full of songs just as good! Whether it’s the likes of “Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)” or “One More For The Road”, the quality remains. Even the 3 bonus tracks are of a high quality, with special praise going to the balladic “The Storm” which has vocalist Timmy Rough delivering his lines in a rough but earnest style, reminiscent of Joe Elliott at times.

Put simply, The New Roses are perfect for anyone who fancies a wee trip back to the glory days of the 80’s. They sure as hell are never going to the greatest band in the world but we guarantee that if you stick this bad boy on, it’ll get your ass shakin’ and your head bangin’ and sometimes that’s simply all you need for an hour or so! 7/10

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