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Motherslug – The Electric Dunes Of Titan – Album Review

Set the controls for the heart of the electric dunes of titan!

Jump on an electrified, possibly drug-addled, steed (horse or vehicular, the choice is yours) and set the controls for the heart of the electric dunes of titan, as Motherslug are taking us to places unseen! With The Electric Dunes Of Titan, Motherslug have capitalised on their early promise and delivered a sonic cavalcade of dusty Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Electric Wizard riff-wizardry.

For a debut album this bastard rocks!

For a doom album, it surprisingly flies by with nary a moment lost nor spoiled by a laboured sense of pace or an overly repetitive riff.

Sure, we’re often in territory that feels swampy due to the titanic riffing on display but The Electric Dunes Of Titan is navigable, the journey’s end kept firmly in sight as cohesion and control send us on our way with brimming confidence.

While this beast is thicker and sludgier than wading through treacle, it’s also blessed with a light touch that lifts out of the mire. Delivering a fuzzed-up collision of doom, stoner and psych, Australia’s Motherslug have the top down, they’re cruising down a two-lane blacktop and they’ve bought nuthin’ but a shit tonne of heavenly riffs along for the ride.

Sound like your kinda deal? Then hop aboard muthafuckers as this trip is one worth taking….to the electric dunes of titan we ride!! 8/10


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