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Metal Things I Found on YouTube This Week

Because that Prime Music £7.99 is better served on Bandcamp than in Jeff Bezos's divorce settlement

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We have more to get through than someone who has never seen How I Met Your Mother starting a binge watch session and more meat than Jeffrey Dahmer sitting down to consume Guy Fieri. So…..

Allt – Rupture (Official Music Video)

Let’s start out as we mean to continue – brutal, disturbing and melodic. The video is great, the kick drums are shotguns to the chest and the ambient guitars between the ch0nk are just perfect. There’s dynamic here – something most bands don’t know how to use properly. And that guttural vocal is right where it needs to be – about 3 inches deeper into your face than is comfortable. Allt have a criminally small YT subscription. Go give them some well deserved love. [9/10]

For fans of : Northlane’s bastard love child with Deathcore

Sera Safe – Meadow

There is 1:44 of video before the track starts and as it was slipping by all I could think of was “this is really interesting… Don’t let this the down when you kick in.” I was not disappointed. Prog-Metalcore that you’d expect from Dreambound. Great cleans, chunky finger-stretching riffs, great chord choices, attention to detail about pacing and enough going on through the track to never lose my attention. [8/10]

For fans of : People who think Metalcore without the Prog- is just angry Millennials.

Andromida – Hellscape (FULL ALBUM STREAM)

OH MY FUCKING GOD! It’s like Andomida peered into my head, dredged up everything I wanted and said “here you go dude.” Fuck me… It starts strong, but that opening riff to track 2, “Isolated” is illegal-weapons-grade deadly and “The Pathogen Downfall” dj0nt’s itself right into you like a BFG round to the cerebrum. There’s just the right mix of Synthwave and filthy djent to keep the album interesting despite not a single lyric. Ramon Gutierrez, the single producer who is Andromida has created a masterpiece of tech-synth-metal here. Go support him on Bandcamp or Patreon or whatever.. we need to encourage solo non-mainstream producers so we can keep having nice things. [10/10]

For fans of : The sort of doom that comes with Cacodemons not Candlemass.

Evanescence – Better Without You (Official Lyric Video)

From their new Album, The Bitter Truth, this is one of the tracks Amy & Co. have dropped on YT recently. And goddamn if it ain’t fine! I always found Evanescence relied on the vocals too much but here we have a dirty southern head-nodding groove under the soaring delivery of one of Metal’s finest Mezzo Soprano’s. This is genuinely powerful, especially with the lyric video to follow the story. And that chorus is going to be where people lose their shit live. This is an absolute beast of a song. [9/10]

For fans of : Melodic metal and reliving the early 2000s.

SUMO CYCO – Bystander (Official Video)

From one thing to quite another… Canadian’s Sumo Cyco have moved on from their Avril Lavigne roots in 2011 to this… er… yes. On “Undefeated” in 2018 they mixed up the sound with some ragga (yes, that’s a thing they did), and here they’ve turned the Grrrrrrl up to 10. Yeah, alright, it’s my secret shame but fuck it’s catchy. Canada has always delivered us some of the crazy and this gets the approval from Her Britannic Majesty. [7/10]

For fans of : People who need a break from Slam Worldwide


Oh sorry what was that i just said? Fuck you. Here is the obligatory Slam Worldwide track this week : Deathcore Murdereyes and their actually quite enjoyable little ditty. It’s got everything you want from SW. I don’t know – something in me just does that metal face gurn thing when you hear some chromatic 4ths and some breeeeeee wrapped up in the pig squeals they never got round to in Deliverance. [5/10]

For fans of : People who chose the slam over ever having a girlfriend

Fear Of Domination – Dive Into I (Official Music Video)

We don’t feature enough Industrial Metal and this hopefully goes to write that wrong. The genre has moved on a lot since Ministry forgot how to change the loop locaters and gave us 10 minutes of the “New World Order” back in the day. And the Finnish Fear of Damnation are here to show you a lot has changed since last we checked in. [6/10]

For fans of : People who love Industrial but have to admit NWO was about 5 minutes too long and come on, when you jumped on the dance floor as soon as it came on you forgot about your pint and… well… the goth girl dancing next to you was hot and you didn’t want to give up in front of her so you just kept going but man that song is repetative and – oh she’s gone thank fuck for that


KHANDRA – Irrigating Lethal Acres With Blood

It’s Belarusian Black Metal time again! Yay! “Already?” I hear you cry. Yes it is, so to celebrate here is a solid offering of bleakness from the sacrificial altar of darkness and suffering. The video is suitably monochrome, the drums are suitably many and often and the guitars are blasphemic. When you’ve finished watching this you’ll need a shower but you won’t know why until you feel clean again. I’m not the world’s biggest BM fan but this is all the pvre cvlt with a lot more to offer besides. [7/10]

For fans of : People who think Sunn 0))) are influenced too much by Miley Cyrus

SCAR OF THE SUN – I Am The Circle (Official Video)

Many headbangings are happening in this video! Many indeed! “I am the Circle” treads the fine line between Modern Heavy Rock and Powermetal. Lets see which one… Everyone in black – check. “I’m feeling this guitar solo” – check. Singer doing the “Bring it closer, now push it away” left-hand gestures – check. Makes you feel a little happier – check. Greece ain’t exactly the place we usually find metal bands so these chaps can wave the flag with pride. [6/10]

For fans of : Some good time hard rock. Sorry I meant Powermetal. Well, either.

VOLTURIAN – In A Heartbeat feat. Giada “Jade” Etro (Frozen Crown) 

So if we couldn’t decide about if the last band was power metal or not let’s make it a little easier on ourselves with Italy’s Volturian and guest Jade from Frozen Crown. Their last video – “Broken” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQXo8kNqLZw) – was a lot better but this is more Frozen Crown than it is Volturian. Look, I gotta be honest, Italy doesn’t make the best metal. A lot tends to be goth nonsense which is more an excuse to dress up than write good music, or overly orchestrated symphonic metal that just keep saying “Vivaldi was Italian you know” all over themselves. But sometimes they can do power-pop-metal and this is a pretty good example. Yeah the video is cringey, but find me an Italian music video that isn’t. [6/10]

For fans of : People who thought Spartacus was waaaaaay out of line

Bonecarver – Evil (Official Music Video)

I can’t actually write a better synopsis than the actual accidental one from the video description on YouTube :

Artist: Bonecarver
Track: Evil
Album: Evil

Yeah that will do 🙂 [6/10]

For fans of : Evil

Atreyu – Underrated

Oh my god! Atreyu! remember them? No? Yeah, I’d totally forgotten about them too. But watching this I can’t remember why. It’s a proper head-banger, well written, well sequenced and just oozes 25 years of experience. The chorus line of “We are, we are, we are underrated!” might just actually be true. I’m gonna go back and listen to some older Atreyu and figure out what I missed. [8/10]

Oh wait I just watched “Lip Gloss and Black” and now I totally remember why…

For fans of : Early-2000s pop-punk fans who now have a mortgage, two kids, broken dreams and a sense of “where did I go wrong?”

FROZEN SOUL – Arctic Stranglehold (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Barney! Nice to see you again! Oh.. Wait…. What? Who? Ah whatever man… this has fucking beaph with a capital Moarh Beaph! The mix, the vocals, the guitar tone, the half-time skank a minute in : It’s all early 90’s Grindcore in all the best ways. A lot of music that tries to replicate older genres suffers from modern production. Not so here – it’s EXACTLY as I remember it and I’m so, so grateful for that. Go and stick one of your less important organs in the grinder that is Frozen Soul and thank me for it later from the hospital [9/10]

For fans of : Double amputation with a side of unnecessary surgery

Wonderwall but it’s PROG METAL feat. Anthony Vincent

Ah it’s Si’s patented oddball entry. We must be nearly done!

Anyone who spends any time on YT like me will eventually meet two of the best music channels : The Melodicka Bros and Anthony Vincent (Ten-Second Songs). Make no mistake – these guys are as talented as just about anyone on the professional music scene. Their home is just YT not Spotify. And this is to-shelf example of what you are missing if you’re not part of the YT music community.

Any musicians among you will hear that incredible re-harmonization that The Melodicka Bros are justifiably famous for and then the Chris Cornell MK2 that is the excruciatingly awesome Anthony Vincent (Dude is talented, handsome and a really nice guy. How fucking dare he set a bad example for the rest of us to follow). I’ve included this video because a) it’s really, really well done and b) to nudge you towards some YT-only musicians. They deserve your time and you’ll be amply rewarded. [8/10]

For fans of : Adam Neely, Rob Scallon, Frog Leap Studios, Melinda, Gabriella Quevedo, Boyinaband, Steve Terreberry. Those are hints BTW. Go check them out.

Wheel – Dissipating

If you’ve read enough of these MTIFOYTW articles you’ll know I love to end on some prog, and this week is no exception. But this certainly is an exception to what you expect. This intro track from their new album, Resident Human is as much a unique work as it is a love-song to an obvious slew of influences. Those vocals are perfectly delivered, completely unexpected and balanced between mournful and reflective in equally pensive measure. The guitars sound menacing without drop-tuning or buckets of distortion and the rhythm section is world-class in their ability to put exactly what is needed down exactly where it needs to be.

Why can’t lockdown be over already so I can go to Finland to watch a gig by this prog-metal four-piece. There is groove, pacing and dynamics here that would just blow you away live. If you’re listening to it and think “oh that sounds just like this” then listen further. They’re not just taking their influences; they’re re-defining them. What I mean by that is there is one obvious sonic comparison here that I admit I was never a fan of, but if they had written music like Wheel then I just might have been. You know who you are. [10/10]

Please, please go check out their other single – “Movement” – here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz4OJ8xKRLE

For fans of : Prog. I can’t think of anything witty to say here. Just go listen.

Well, that was a lot! Thankfully no Bonus Round this week. Maybe next time 🙂 But there has been some absolute masterpieces here. I hope they find their way onto your playlists. let me know if they do!

Speak soon


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