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Horehound – L’appel du Vide – Single Review + Album News!

For fans of: Acid King, Royal Thunder, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Year Of The Cobra....

Pittsburgh’s paramount doom/sludge underground act HOREHOUND continue their ascension above ground with the announcement of their second full-length album, Holocene.

Horehound surpassed their own expectations for the self-titled debut in 2016, and this past Spring re-released a remastered version on Digital, CD, and first-time Vinyl format. Now, Horehound present their sophomore album Holocene.

To introduce the new album, the band is premiering a video for the debut of “L’appel du Vide”, the third track from Holocene. Vocalist Shy Kennedy shares a few words about the album:  “‘Holocene’ is the single most rewarding contribution I have made as an individual artist and even of any group effort I’ve been a part of. It has been a realization for Horehound and through this recording we really cultivated our sound. The overwhelmingly gratifying experience we’ve had in creating this album will further transcend once we are able to share it with others.  “

Guitarist Brendan Parrish adds:  “‘Holocene’ is a convergence of our respective influences and a natural evolution in the sound we’ve developed. It represents our growth as songwriters and we are very eager for the rest of the world to hear what we’re so proud to have created.”

Worship Metal Verdict: A rumbling, tumbling, cosmic head-fuck of a track, “L’appel du Vide” finds grooves within grooves to deliver a sucker-punch of sludgy doom. Rolling through the cosmos with distorted riffs helming this particular ship, it’s the arrival of Shy Kennedy’s ethereal vocals which then transport Horehound into ever more expansive realms.

With Horehound’s hard-edged sound tempered by Kennedy’s aforementioned vocals the results, when combined, are unsurprisingly stunning. This style of female fronted doom seems to be en vogue right now, but don’t let that put you off…..Horehound are at the forefront of the scene! 8/10

The six tracks on Holocene maintain the original Horehound-heavy sound but has driven into deeper depths of dark, hardened post-doom metal.

More information on the release and the band will follow!

JD Dauer – drums
Brendan Parrish – guitar
Shy Kennedy – vocals
Nick Kopco – bass

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