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Hopelezz – From Deep Inside – Single Review

All hope is NOT lost....

Source // Hopelezz

“From Deep Inside” is a taster of the new Hopelezz album, Sent To Destroy, which is due out today on Sonicscars Records.

Their name – and more importantly the spelling – may reek of nu-metal but fortunately their music stays well away from that most dreaded of genres, rooting itself in brutal teutonic thrash instead. The guitars are suitably raw and crunchy and when aligned to a straight forward, hard hitting drum performance, one that’s close to landing in blast beat territory, Hopelezz actually bring to mind the mighy Dimmu Borgir circa Puritanical Eurphoric Misanthropia.

The biggest surprise of all though is how the music also veers dangerously close to power metal territory during the lead breaks and recalls Dragonforce or a hyper-speed Iron Maiden; a welcome juxtaposition to the brutal thrashing that surrounds it.

“From Deep Inside” is a catchy sounding, modern metal song and if the rest of the album comes near its quality then Sent To Destroy has the potential to be a right humdinger! 7/10

Hopelezz release their long-awaited second album, Sent To Destroy, on February 26th, 2016.

Pre-order the album now!
►amazon http://amzn.to/1KWzTh5
►iTunes http://apple.co/1Hpzsvw
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