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HATE – RUGIA – Album Review

Will surely cause Christians to bleed from their ears.....

Though HATE aren’t adding many new ideas to the modern death metal universe, this Polish quartet have released another striking assemblage of venomous and experperty crafted songs. And, with 12th album Rugia, HATE prove yet again why they’re another shining example of extreme Polish metal….up there with the other titans of Poland; Behemoth and Vader.

Picking up where they left off with their last stellar album, Auric Gates of Veles, HATE continue their brutally precise yet melodic assault on the senses. It’s a thirty-six minute journey into a vehement blackened metal realm that revolves around paganism and the German island of Rugia in the Baltic Sea (which was considered an important location of western Slavic paganism).

Ignoring the old-school and grimy death metal trend, HATE’s brutal assault is severe and caustic, yet their penchant for driving melodies is apparent on each and every track. The track (and video) for the mid-paced “Resurgence” is a pagan-dominated epic full of face paint, fire and heathen imagery. Likewise, “Exiles of the Pantheon” is another fine video for a song with a faster-paced attack that has the same sort of unfettered heathen imagery.

Living in the shadow of Vader and Behemoth can’t be easy but, with Rugia, HATE once again proved their mettle. If you’re a fan of HATE, there’s no doubt that you’ll relish this release and if you’re new to these guys (shame on you), this is a great place to start….because Rugia is a memorable blackened death metal opus! 8/10

HATE‘s Rugia was released on October 15th, 2021 via Metal Blade Records

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