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Necrowretch – The Ones From Hell – Album Review

The Sign Of Evil Existence.....

The Ones From Hell is the fourth album from Necrowretch, a band who made a massive impact on the underground scene almost a decade ago! Their debut album, Putrid Death Sorcery, was a big surprise back in 2013 and, in conjunction with the old school blackened death metal revival of that era, made Necrowretch a potentially crucial playmaker in the scene.

Seven years later – and with 2 more albums in the bank – Necrowretch have established themselves as a band with a well-crafted, instantly recognisable sound that honours the old guard but maintains elements of its new age setting.

The production on The Ones From Hell is damn good, not overly polished but perfectly highlights the furious demonic riffs, storming blast beats and the harsh and raspy growls. Musically, Necrowretch draw influence from early-Marduk and Immortal, Merciless, Possessed  and Nifelheim, with a nod to Rotting Christ in some of the more atmospheric parts.

Given the relatively tight boundaries of blackened death metal, the diversity on display is highly appreciated. Of course,  Necrowretch don’t reinvent the wheel but that probably wasn’t one of their goals. What really matters is that The Ones From Hell is a highly enjoyable album; one that will satisfy old school fans of the style and may also attract some new ones to join their satanic cult! 8/10

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