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Grave Forsaken – The Fight Goes On – Album Review

Keep on fighting....

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When people think of the hotbeds of thrash, it’s usually Germany or the United States that spring to mind and certainly not Perth, Australia – we could only recall cult heroes Allegiance – but that is where Grave Foresaken call home. Although not well known in the UK they seem to have quite the following in the Austrailian Christian metal scene and The Fight Goes On is their sixth album.

The title track kicks the album off and, truth be told, it’s the The Fight Goes On‘s standout song with guitarists Elias Salmela and Luke Gallagher riffing like Mustaine and Friedman in their prime! In fact, at various points throughout the album there are plentiful nods to Megadeth with their mid-paced riffing and numerous tasteful solos.

Unfortunately Grave Forsaken lack the knack for filling their album with Mustaine-styled memorable hooks and the album tends to plod in places, such as on “The Politics of Popularity” and the relatively uninspiring “Duluth Airbase Intruder”. Sadly, a few production issues also mar proceedings, particularly a tinny double bass sound that drowns out the other drums which only takes away from the power of the music and proves quite distracting.

However, despite the odd sound glitches and gremlins, The Fight Goes On is by no means a bad album and boasts a handful of killer riffs to wreck your neck to….if you stick with it. 5/10

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