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10 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In May 2016!

A veritable feast of metal awaits....

Source // pm1.narvii.com

With May a mere day away – and an abundance of sure to be exceptional albums bearing down upon us – Worship Metal selects the 10 albums set for release over the coming month that simply cannot be ignored. Admittedly, we normally pick only 5 albums in this regular feature but May 2016 is so stuffed to the rafters with barn-storming releases that we’ve had to double the selection!

Featuring new releases courtesy of 4(!) thrash legends, NWOBHM pioneers, technical death masters, progressive mavericks, groove metal greats, trad metal heroes and underground hate dealers, May’s roster is beyond impressive; it’s utterly essential….

10. Assassin – Combat Cathedral

Source // nuclearblast.de

Source // nuclearblast.de

The German speedsters return with album number 5 when Assassin’s Combat Cathedral reminds the world that no one thrashes faster than these teutonic terrors!

New track “Back From The Dead” has already hit with some awesome riffage and full speed ahead thrashin’ – not forgetting a psychotic, zombie-fied vocal courtesy of new frontman Ingo “Crowzak” Bajonczak – and it’s high time this cult band was worshipped for their commitment to the scene and their maniacally brutal take on the usual thrash formula. 

Available via Steamhammer/SPV worldwide on 20th May, you can pick up Combat Cathedral on CD, limited-edition LP (500 copies only on red 180-gram vinyl + CD) and as a digital download.

Don’t expect variation, do expect 100% thrashing mayhem….it’ll take weeks for your neck to recover!

9. The Pete Flesh Deathtrip – Svartnad

Source // the pete flesh deathtrip

Source // the pete flesh deathtrip

Stripped down to its purest essence Svartnadthe work of one man blackened death metal machine Lars Peter Karlsson is hate eternal, blacker and bleaker than an untimely meeting with Satan himself on a desolate windswept moor!

Released via Critical Mass Recordings on 16th May, Svartnad echoes the primal works of Possessed, early Sodom and the genre-defining Bathory in a maelstrom of blackened death/thrash metal mastery.

Punchy, classy, honest, intelligent and capable of creeping under your skin with each perfectly considered riff and tormented growl; Svartnad is the complete package and a blackened death/thrash rollercoaster ride of anguished emotion…..so buy it! 

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