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Godless – Swarm – EP Review

Death/thrash worth flocking for!

Devastating death/thrash which doesn’t skimp on either ambition, skill and tendon-tearing groove, India’s Godless are an adrenalised burst of focused insanity…..and they’re swarming in your general direction!

Pacy and punchy, Godless don’t give a fuck about your aural wellbeing but at least they’re kind enough to write actual songs – as opposed to all out brutal assaults of technical wankery – which dig their claws in and refuse to let go. With subject matter ranging from “cosmic monstrosities from otherworldly dimensions beyond space, time or comprehension” to the usual tropes of resurrected corpses and the like, Godless may be treading a well-worn path but they’re doing it in considerable style!

Ex-Obscura and Defeated Sanity guitarist Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschläger pops up to unleash a monstrous solo on “Empty Graves” – adding extra class to an already classy track – but the guys in Godless are more than adept in their own fields to garner your full attention, special guest or otherwise!

Heavy, fast, aggressive and malevolently morbid, Godless’ Swarm is an EP worth flocking for!  7/10

Swarm is out on October 27th and is available to pre-order from Bandcamp (worldwide). The release is also available on iTunes and Google Play Music.

Swarm track listing:
Infected by the Black
From Beyond
Empty Graves

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