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Fit For An Autopsy – Oh What The Future Holds – Album Review

The future looks bright.....

Perhaps misleadingly, the opening title track to Fit For An Autopsy‘s 6th album is the most death-core-y track here. It punches you in the soft parts, repeatedly. And that’s about it. So far, so deathcore, so what. As indicated, more often that not we find reviewing deathcore albums to be an almighty deathchore. But Oh What The Future Holds is oh so different.  

“Two Towers” is Deftones does deathcore; highly emotive, haunting and thunderously heavy,while retaining an ethereal edge. Hardly deathcore, right? Right! It’s way beyond such simple confines of genre description and all the better for it. It’s a prime example of how Fit For An Autopsy are transcending their humble beginnings to become a monster of a band…and the likes of “Far From Heaven” (a killer single of mammoth proportions) further adds to the argument that Fit For An Autopsy are morphing into something very, very special. The irresistible Gojira-esque stomp of “Far From Heaven” is an instant winner and the surprises don’t stop there.

Past albums may have already showcased a band willing to push the boundaries of deathcore to its limits (practically until it is deathcore no more) but Oh What The Future Holds is the album to see them surpass even Whitechapel in the popularity stakes. “In Shadows” may follow a more traditional path – a well-trodden one, it must be said – but there’s something ultimately grander about these songs; a sense of supreme confidence and ability perfectly coalesced. Put simply, this shit makes you move. It makes you smash shit up. It forces you to listen and reminds you why you love metal in the first place. Because it’s fuckin’ brilliant.  

After absorbing this beast more times than is probably healthy, our only conclusion is to label Fit For An Autopsy as the Gojira of deathcore. Incidentally, that’s not a slur. With the ‘deathcore’ in their sound now all but gone, FFAA are thinking BIG. They’re entering a world of arena-sized songs, tempered/finessed for wider appeal and they are primed to make the kind of leap into the big leagues as previously made by the likes of DecapitatedTrivium and the aforementioned Gojira. Need proof? Even the breakdown in thrashy little number “Pandora” offers the kind of impact seasoned pro’s look for, but without risking sending those not normally accustomed to such barbarity running for the hills.   

Heavy as shit then….but acceptably heavy. You know, sell a ton of merchandise and gig tickets heavy. Which is something to be applauded. What does the future hold? That’s easy. On this evidence, the next step for these guys could very well be HUGE! 9/10

Fit For An Autopsy’s Oh What The Future Holds was released on January 14th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY - announce new album! - Nuclear Blast
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