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Exitus – Undead – EP Review

Born again!

Founded in 1989, disbanded in 1991 because of military duty. After 30 years, Czech old-school thrashers Exitus are back and in April of this year they finally unveiled their debut EP, titled Undead.

A Czech version of Kreator meets Exodus meets every other half decent European thrash band from the 80’s, the relatively hoarse, one-dimensional vocals of Ondřej Kanaláš are balanced out by the ferocious thrash shit-storm manifested by his bandmates…..and the overall vibe is pretty damn positive.

These guys know their thrash and with a multitude of strong, head-banging moments liberally scattered throughout, Undead is a worthwhile listen for any fully-committed thrasher!

Exitus’ cover of the Kreator classic “People of the Lie” is relatively superfluous and conjures none of the magic of the original version but it’s the original tracks – particularly the title track and the catchy as fuck “Desire to Suicide” – which offer the goodies.

Nothing new, nothing particularly innovative but a decent old-fashioned blast of solid thrashing mayhem. Nice. 7/10

Undead can be purchased via exitusthrash@gmail.com.
Website: https://bandzone.cz/_102963

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