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AFTERMATH – No Time To Waste (Alternate Official Lyric Video) ***VIDEO EXCLUSIVE***

Something isn’t right in the world ….

AFTERMATH – one of the pioneering crossover thrash bands of the 1980s and a band, who with their critically-acclaimed debut album, Eyes Of Tomorrow, transformed into one of the most technical thrash metal bands of the 90s – ARE BACK!

Taken from their forthcoming 3rd full length album, No Time To Waste, Aftermath had this to say about their new single….

“No Time To Waste – words that everyone should live by in their daily lives. But the song is not about that. Rather it’s about all of us together having no time to waste as a free species. Everyone you talk to today says something isn’t right in the world and most can’t point out what it is that makes them feel that way. Their gut tells them something isn’t right. This song is about what we feel isn’t right with the world today and we urge people to wake up before it’s too late. It isn’t about being woke, but being awake. The song is at its core about unity and coming together to defeat our mutual enemy. Every great story has a hero and a villain. We the people are the hero in this song.”

1994 • Eyes Of Tomorrow
2019 • There Is Something Wrong
2022 • No Time To Waste

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