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Destruction – Thrash Anthems II – Album Review

Thrash. Anthems. That's what you get.

You know these songs. You love these songs, they’re undisputed thrash classics from a band who have contributed more to keeping thrash alive for over 3 decades than most! This is the all-conquering Destruction and Thrash Anthems II (unsurprisingly, the follow up to 2007’s Thrash Anthems) is home to yet more re-workings of some of their finest output predominantly from the early stages of their formidable career.

But you already own these tracks, right? Why buy them again?

That’s easy, because these versions are heavier, they’re punchier, angrier and generally nastier and they’re the aural equivalent of a Panzer attack. And, let’s face it, Destruction could shit in a tuba and it’d still be worth hearing.

These are prime, old-school thrash anthems muthafuckers and whether you’re hearing them for the 7000th or, god forbid, the first time, this is what thrash is about! Fuck nostalgia, Destruction are simply proving their still considerable relevance and you’ll knock yourself out head-banging to this collection of all time classic rippers, modernised but never sterile….and as incendiary as ever!

Here’s the track listing, you know what to expect:

1. Confused Mind
2. Black Mass
3. Frontbeast
4. Dissatisfied Existence
5. United by Hatred
6. The Ritual
7. Black Death
8. The Antichrist
9. Confound Games
10. Ripping You Off Blind
11. Satan’s Vengeance
12. Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys cover)

Thrash Anthems II 8/10

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