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Calamity – Kairos – Album Review

Far from a Calamity! 

Puerto Rican thrashing crew CALAMITY may have kick-started their existence as a Metallica covers band, but they soon ditched merely honouring their heroes in favour of adopting a full-on thrash metal style all of their own; firmly rooted in the sonic aesthetics of both the old-school overlords and modern revival acts.

The band released their first full length, Imminent Disaster, in 2015 and Calamity are now bringing the fire and the fury with their sophomore album, Kairos, released on 10th May 2019. With choruses that are often highly melodic and a sense of ‘anything is possible’ permeating throughout, Kairos is an oddly engaging amalgamation of tried and tested thrash formulas combined with Calamity’s original take on this beloved genre.

It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly they are trying to achieve as their obscure solos and ever-shifting time signatures dodge easy comparison at every stretch. Suffice to say, there’s a little Metallica bubbling away under the surface but the rest is pure Calamity!

Admittedly, we don’t understand much of Berny Santos’ spat-out lyrics as we don’t speak Spanish but that didn’t hinder our enjoyment one iota! In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that Calamity’s impact is dampened when English is used, particularly on the oddly baroque “Still We Live” which is an overlong but equally fascinating anglicised tale combining neo-classical shred, old-school thrash and early 80’s speed metal/power metal.

Slightly off-kilter and relatively unique, these Puerto Ricans are an interesting proposition with plenty of potential.

Far from a Calamity! 7/10

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