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Desecrate The Faith – III – Album Review

Utterly brutal from the opening riffs that cascade in an unrelenting tsunami on “Idle Creatures”, this four-piece from Houston, Texas is a force of nature. There is no subtlety on offer, just hammer action after hammer action of death growls, indecipherable lyrics, savage riffage and insanely fast blast beats.

A decade into their career, the quartet of John Hullon vocals, Coleson Cowdenon bass, guitarist Tyler Shiery and drummer Mike Caputo bring an unholy, anti-religious maelstrom front and centre. This is brutal death metal at its most cohesive. At times the aural assault is so challenging that one wonders how you can withstand it at a gig without losing copious amounts of skin.

Caputo’s experience with Rings of Saturn and Internal Bleeding is evident throughout, while Hull’s vocals are borderline obscene – such is the guttural depths to which he stoops. There are horrific, animalistic growls on “Sadistic Euphoria”, and “Upon a Slaughtered Clergy” certainly doesn’t need a lyric sheet to get across its message.

Underneath this intense firepower of rage, there lurks a technically adept and powerful outfit. You can’t play this shit if you don’t know your instruments, and it’s evident that the three instrument wielding members of the band are interlocked in a feral harmony that drips with nastiness.

Tracks like “This Butchered Earth” and “Vile of Legion” are uncomfortably aggressive and savage, with the former a slab-cracking six minutes of punishing riffing. It’s the kind of music they should use to repel invaders, seal holes in the ocean floor and topple buildings.

What really strikes home is not the cliched response that any brutal death metal band will inevitably get. It’s the technical ability that is on display on this album that needs to really be appreciated. Yes, it’s a wall of noise, but that merely masks the talent behind the band. Dig deep, and you’ll quickly appreciate just how intensely this band is working. III is bruising, it’s ferocious, but ultimately, that’s what brutal death metal is all about. Ignore that and you miss the entire meaning of this band and the whole album. Combine this with the visually horrifying artwork and this is a package for those who appreciate the extreme. 7/10

Desecrate The Faith‘s III was released on November 18th, 2022 via Comatose Music

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