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Bretus – Aion Tetra – Album Review

Revel in the all-encompassing power of the riff! 

Despite being on the go for nineteen years Aion Tetra is only the fourth album from Italian doomsters Bretus. Well, everyone’s heard the old saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ and, in this case, that saying is most definitely true!

Unlike fellow countrymen Ufomamut and Dead Smoke, Bretus stay well away from the oppressive, claustrophobic strains of doom and have instead developed a sound that lies somewhere between Black Sabbath and Pentagram. The likes of “The Third Mystic Eye”, “Cosmic Crow” and “The City Of Frost” reek of patchouli oil and incense and, as is normal with this style of retro doom, some of the songs are on the lengthier side. However, due to the quality of the songwriting they never feel close to out staying their welcome.

All four band members deserve credit for their performances. Guitarist Ghenes masterfully weaves his way through multi faceted soundscapes – from bluesy and psychedelic to heavy as hell – while vocalist Zagarus hollers out his odes to the occult like a (slightly) less deranged Bobby Liebling. It’d also worth noting that the rhythm section of drummer Striges and new bassist Janos are tighter than the proverbial gnats chuff.

If some good old fashioned doom is your thing then do yourself a favour…..and give Aion Tetra a blast. Revel in the all-encompassing power of the riff! 8/10

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