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Breed The Killers – Breed The Killers – Album Review

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Breed The Killers is the self titled debut from this Dublin based rabble and its 8 tracks of bilious rage flies by in the blink of an eye!

The band list the likes of Crowbar and Death as influences yet this is misleading – although there are definite hints of these iconic bands shining through – as the biggest single influence would seem to be that of metallic hardcore behemoths Vision Of Disorder, specifically circa Imprint and explicitly the vocal style of Tim Williams. Breed The Killers’ Mark Comiskey emulates Williams’ unique style effortlessly, spitting and roaring his lyrics with a barely controlled vitriol aimed squarely at a society that has failed him; alternating between a rasping, raw throated bark and an almost Death Metal style growl. Musically, the band come across as a fusion of the aforementioned Vision Of Disorder, with a healthy dose of Earth Crisis (the clue’s in the title) and  Hatebreed style Hardcore meets Thrash inspired riffs and blasts of double bass thrown in.

To be honest, there is precious little variety on display and apart from the odd doom style riff or gang vocal which is employed from time to time, Breed The Killers has a tendency to feel a dash derivative and one dimensional. Only the final track “Embrace The End” dares to stray from their Hardcore/Metalcore template introducing clean guitars and an icy atmosphere that indicates just what Breed The Killers are truly capable of when they let themselves off the leash.

All in all, Breed The Killers’ debut is by no means a bad album and the band certainly have the potential to go onto bigger and better things. If thrash-influenced metallic hardcore is your cup of tea then we say drink up! 6/10

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