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The Deep – Premonition – Album Review

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Take your fist, screw it up into a ball and punch the mutherfucking sky in jubilant and euphoric celebration that The Deep (formed from the ashes of the early 80’s line-up of New Wave Of British Heavy Metallers Deep Machine) have finally released their debut album that’s been over 3 decades in the making….’cause it’s a doozy!

With a sound that draws comparison with the more melodic side of Saxon’s 80’s output and the dynamite accessibility of Spellbound era Tygers Of Pan Tang mixed with Praying Mantis’ classic Hard Rock sound, Premonition is a modern NWOBHM’s fans wet dream made flesh. Gloriously indebted to the melodic mid-tempo’s of prime NWOBHM, the likes of “The Rider” and the title track pick up a pretty hectic pace but it’s the huge choruses and ingenious melodies of “Nightstalker”, “You Take My Breath Away” and “All I Want” that leave an indelible mark.

The fact that the majority of these songs were actually written in the 80’s is clear to hear, their purity and ‘back-in-time’ appeal adding yet another indelible layer to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s stunning and thoroughly deserved resurgence. The demand for the classic bands is steadily growing and The Deep – in one fell swoop – have added their name to the ‘must-hear’ pile of those bands having a second crack of the whip.

Like a big, comforting, denim and leather clad, manly bear hug, Premonition evokes nostalgia with it’s classic approach and the rich heritage of the NWOBHM is writ large over each and every track, culminating in a modern day throwback to everything that makes the UK the spiritual home of Heavy Metal.

We’ve had a premonition of our own. The Deep’s future looks exceedingly rosy….roll on album number two! 8/10 

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