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Acid Reign – The Man Who Became Himself – Single Review

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Opening with some kick-ass old-school staccato riffing (Papa Het style!) and frontman ‘H‘ putting in a particularly aggressive vocal performance, the main facets of Acid Reign‘s second foray into new music terrain (since re-emerging from the thrash wilderness in 2015 that is) are bulshy, ballsy and basically primed to rip your head from your shoulders.

Yeah, that’s right, Acid Reign just got proper ‘eavy and “The Man Who Became Himself” is a blast from start to finish. This fucker just relentlessly pounds away; a bulldozer of a track driven hard and fast by Marc Jackson’s precision hammering on the old drums and an arsenal of riffs utterly committed to thrashin’ your tits clean off.

Not as immediately infectious as 2015’s “Plan Of The Damned“, this time round Acid Reign have opted for brute force to back ‘H’s typically barbed social commentary. Frankly, “The Man Who Became Himself” kicks serious butt-cheeks and its position as the ‘new’ song – written to celebrate Acid Reign’s first headline tour since 1990 – will no doubt be a highpoint of their set when Acid Reign take to the stage at the end of March!

While we’re still in one-track-at-a-time territory from these relatively recently reunited UK thrash legends, that’ll do just fine for now. It’s still just great to have Acid Reign back at all and when they’re churning out slices of apple-core as tasty as “The Man Who Became Himself”, we’ll just keep on taking massive bites out of whatever we’re offered!  8/10

“The Man Who Became Himself” is set for release on Friday 24th March 2017. So, why not pop on over to acidreign.co.uk to purchase yourself a glittering digital copy (in digital format only ’cause you fuckers didn’t buy a vinyl copy of “Plan of the Damned”).

You can catch the square danciest band in the world on the following dates….it’s Acid Reign’s April Fools Tour, fools!

Friday 31st March: Manchester – Rebellion / Saturday 1st April: Glasgow – Lords Of The Land Festival / Sunday 2nd April: Newcastle – The Cluny / Friday 7th April: Southampton – Talking Heads / Saturday 8th April – London – Underworld / Sunday 9th April: Bristol – Exchange.

Acid Reign The Man...

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