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VIROLOGIST (Leaders of the Brutal Death Metal Youth Movement) Sign to New Standard Elite


One of the bands leading the brutal death metal youth movement, California’s Virologist have signed a deal with label New Standard Elite to release a two-song demo EP in early 2024, with a full-length release to follow!

The upcoming EP will be the first Virologist release to feature the complete lineup, after guitarist Emrys Mellinger (son of Intrinsic‘s Mike Mellinger) released Promo 2023 back in July to garner attention for the project. Emrys is joined by Nolan Wanhala on bass, Daniel Esquivel on vocals, and Ethan Shadman on drums.

Like Neurodegeneration, the forthcoming demo will be mixed and mastered by Josh Welshman, vocalist for German technical/brutal death metal legends, Defeated Sanity.

Promo 2023 is now available exclusively as a re-release from Brutal Mind, titled Neurodegeneration.

New Standard Elite has lead in providing brutal death metal across the globe for over a decade with a roster that has included GorgasmEpicardiectomyDisentombMolested DivinityInternal Suffering and Ecchymosis.

Ryan Baker, owner of New Standard Elite, welcomed Virologist to their label saying, “I was very impressed with Emrys and the demo he released, and then amazed with how quickly he assembled such a talented young group of musicians. New Standard Elite is excited to add Virologist to our brutal death metal family.”


Nolan Wanhala – Bass

Daniel Esquivel – Vocals

Ethan Shadman – Drums

Emrys Mellinger – Guitars, Vocals

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