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UK Prog Metallers AEONS Announce New Album Details!

There will be CONSEQUENCES!

Up and coming Isle of Man based progressive/technical metallers AEONS recently took to Facebook to announce their highly anticipated upcoming second album, Consequences.

Consequences follows hot on the heels of AEONS’ outstanding debut, A Tragic End – an album which we saw fit to include in our countdown of the 10 Greatest Progressive Metal Albums Of 2019, stating that the album was “home to to a myriad of styles, devices and genres, [and] seamlessly moved from the aggressive progressive death metal of opener “Vampire” to classic Opeth sounding epics. As a suitable example, the outstanding title track is the kind of song you’ve prayed Mikael Akerfedlt would write ever since Heritage came out and disappointed the living shit out of you”.

AEONS have this to say about Consequences…..

The new AEONS album, CONSEQUENCES, will be out in 7 weeks. We’ve worked hard on this for over a year to bring it to you in all its juicy goodness and aural glory.

7 tracks, 45+ minutes and more riffs than is medically safe to cram into your listening holes. In antici…..pation of the release, every week until release day we will drop a track poster to whet your appetite.

We’ve created a poster for every track that reflects the subject matter [all will be shamelessly available in our store after the album goes live]. We hope you like ’em!

First up is album opener “RUBICON” : Take a step and challenge the world around you.

It’s good to be back!! We hope you’re as moist and expectant for this as we are.

Moist? We’re positively soggy!

No photo description available.

Brace yourselves for some seriously shit-hot modern metal.

More details will follow!

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